Do you use sustainable packaging?

We aim to package your items in the most environmentally minded way possible. This begins with boxes, which are all made from recycled and recyclable cardboard. If an item needs an outer layer of protection, we almost always use compostable potato starch instead of plastic. Although we do try to avoid it, plastic will be used when we believe an item needs added protection during transit. This includes around paint cans, where we have an obligation with the courier to protect against spillage in transit. Our furniture will also arrive with some plastic wrapping to protect the item in transit. This will be taken away by the courier and recycled.

We’re always investigating the materials used within our packaging and will continue to research suitable plastic alternatives. Our wallpaper is shipped in aptly sized boxes, but should a little bit of extra padding be needed, wallpaper offcuts are used. To secure our packaging, we use eco-tape and twine.

How should I dispose of my packaging?

Our cardboard boxes can be reused or recycled. In the shipping of most of our products, we use potato starch as a replacement for plastic, and this can be disposed of in your garden waste bin or compost heap.

Why did I receive my order in two shipments?

We’re proud to create beautiful, high-quality goods, manufactured in an environmentally conscious way and, usually, made to order.

While we do have a central hub that houses our in-stock items, many of our products are made to order so we ship these items directly from the place of manufacture to you. This way, we reduce the product miles by avoiding sending your items from place of manufacture to a distribution centre to then be sent out to you.

Do you pay a living wage?

Yes, each member of The Pure Edit team is paid a living wage and we are certified by the Living Wage Foundation.

What should I do with my old blinds, curtains or furniture?

We always encourage reusing or recycling. If your curtains, blinds or furniture are in good enough condition, you could pop them on an online marketplace or donate them to charity.

You can find some useful information on furniture donation here.

If you’re feeling particularly creative, why not try up-cycling?

What should I do with my samples once I've finished with them?

Should you wish to, you are welcome to send the samples back to us and we will reuse them.

What should I do with leftover paint?

Firstly, we always recommend keeping some left-over paint for any future touch ups.

You could also share left over paint with family and friends who might want to give a room a refresh! Alternatively, schemes such as Community RePaint donate paint to local individuals, groups or organisations.

If you are disposing of paint, do not wash down the drain or put in your regular bin. Dry out any leftover paint before then taking it to your local recycling centre.

Are your paint tins recyclable?

Our paint tins are made from stainless steel, which is infinitely recyclable. You can recycle empty tins at your local Household Waste Centre.

What are VOCs? Does your paint contain them?

olatile Organic Compounds (VOCs for short) are the pollutants released into the air when paint dries; they essentially give out the traditional ‘paint drying’ smell. Our paint is completely water-based and therefore contains minimal levels of VOC.

Is your paint vegan and cruelty free?

Our paints are completely natural so have no animal derived products in them. Neither we nor any of our suppliers perform animal testing.

Where are your products made?

All products are made in fully audited European factories. All factories ensure the workplace is free of child and forced labour and workers are in a safe working space and paid a living wage. Our recycled cotton blend fabrics, cushions, wallpaper, curtains, roman blinds, furniture, headboards and paint are all manufactured in the UK. Venetian and roller blinds are made in Poland, bedding and printed cottons in Spain, and weaves and plains in Turkey.

What are your sustainability commitments?

For more information about our sustainability commitments, please read our story and our sustainability policy.

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