How to check your item will fit

You may have your heart set on a specific sofa but it’s really important to be sure that it’ll fit into your home before you place an order.

1. Measure your sofa

All dimensions can be found on our website in the ‘product details’ section of each sofa. Take a note of the width (W), height (H) and depth (D).

2. The front door

Open your front door as wide as it can go. If there are no obstructions and your door can be opened fully, measure the width of the door frame (A). If there is an obstruction behind your door, open your door as far as possible then measure the narrowest point, from the outer edge of the door to inner edge of the door frame (B). Whether A or B, if the measurement is greater than your sofa’s height, your new sofa will fit through your front door.

If the width is too narrow, our couriers may be able to carry the sofa through upright (C). Measure the height of your door and if this measurement is greater than the width of the sofa, we may well be able to fit the sofa through upright (provided that there is sufficient wiggle room).

3. The hallway and internal doors

When through the front door, you’ll need to make sure that is can be safely moved through hallways and internal doors. Follow the route that your sofa will take to the room it is to be placed in and make a note of the width of any areas the sofa will pass through, noting down the narrowest points. This includes noting any obstructions along the way too, such as radiators, shelves and light fittings. At their narrowest points, each of these measurements must be greater than the height of the sofa.

4. Up a flight of stairs

If your sofa needs to be manoeuvred up a flight of stairs, measure the width of the staircase at its narrowest point (I), taking any handrails or light fixtures into consideration. If this measurement is greater than the height of the sofa, the sofa should be able to be carried upstairs.

More consideration is needed if there is a landing or a bannister. If there is a landing, measure the depth (G), width (I) and height (J). Provided that the measurements you get here are greater than the width (W), depth (D) and height (H) of the sofa, it should be possible to carry the sofa up the stairs. If there is a bannister, ensure that the distance between the bannister and the ceiling is greater than the depth of the sofa, taking any ceiling lights into consideration.

5. Lifts

If you need the sofa to fit into a lift, you will need to measure the open-door height (M), width (L) and depth (K) of the lift and, again, compare this to the width, height and depth of the sofa. It may also be worth measuring the diagonal height of the lift from front bottom corner to back top corner, should the sofa need to fit in at an angle.

6. In position

Don’t forget to check that your sofa will fit exactly where you want it to be positioned. To do this, you can use masking tape or newspaper to mark out the size of your sofa on the floor and checking then that the sofa will not be in the way of any doors or existing furniture.

If you have any questions at all about our furniture and how it will fit into your home, please get in touch and our wonderful team will be on hand to help.

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