Our Purpose

Our Conscious Commitment 

Founded on a personal promise to contribute towards a greener future for all, The Pure Edit is determined to offer full transparency behind every product it creates. Stemming from our founder’s love of nature and passion for birdwatching and conservation, as well as two three decades of experience within an industry in need of change, we are dedicated to showcasing how a responsible and circular approach to design does not mean a compromise on style. In merging a beautiful aesthetic with superior quality and function, upheld by circular conscious design principles, we strive to be part of the solution needed in response to the critical environmental challenges we face across the world. 
From the suppliers we work with to the factories who create our designsproduce the pieces we design, to the materials we select, we are working onhave carried out a deep analysis of each sector of the business to ensure our footprint and impact is continually minimised and reduced. In remaining accountable and pledging to a mindset of adaptation and change, we will be sharing our progress with you on a consistent and regular basis. At The Pure Edit, sustainability is our foundation and not simply an afterthought. It reinforces every decision we make at the outset of every design process. 
This is our commitment, and we look forward to sharing this journey with you. 

A Home for Good

We prioritize a timeless aesthetic and quality craftsmanship to counter throwaway culture, creating durable home pieces. 

The Common Thread

We use responsibly sourced and recycled fabrics across our textile collection, including water-based latex and 100% recycled polyester. 

Minimising Our Miles

Located in Wilmslow, Cheshire, we aim for local manufacturing, with many products made within 25 miles. 

Giving Back

We prioritize a timeless aesthetic and quality craftsmanship to counter throwaway culture, creating durable home pieces. 

Doing Better

We use responsibly sourced and recycled fabrics across our textile collection, including water-based latex and 100% recycled polyester. 


Design and Production

Our design ethos is centred around a sensitivity which surpasses short-term trends and focuses on a classic and timeless aesthetic while upholding superior high standards of quality. We stand against the throwaway culture by creating pieces for the home which are made to last through the artisanal production methods used and the quality materials we source. 
While our wallpaper is currently already printed on demand, our textiles are produced in smaller batches of 100m to reduce the risk of waste. We have a long-term plan to produce all products on-demand which will minimise this even further. 


Across our entire textile collection, we use responsibly sourced and recycled fabrics which help to uphold our standards of quality and performance. Our Better Cotton Groundcloth, is a water-based latex digitally printed fabric and our woven REPRIEVE fabrics are 10099% recycled polyester, produced by our specially chosen partner who operates its facility with a responsible mindseta solar-powered factory in Turkey. We also have 100 designs made with recycled cotton from pre-consumer waste. 
We use water-based inks across all our textiles and our paints are low-VOC and also water-based. We only use sustainably sourced timbers within our furniture collections and recycled or recyclable metals. 
No leather or fur is used across any collection.


Based in Wilmslow in Cheshire, our aim is to manufacture everything as close to home as we can. 

Many of our products are made within 25 miles of our head office, however, we do source from two European textile factories in Spain and Turkey, due to commercial viability and the variety of skillsets offered, and our furniture is handmade in East Sussex. We will review our supplier partnerships year on year to ensure our logistical footprint is minimised where possible. 

Our main logistics partner is Parcelforce and the company’s environmental statement can be found here. We also work alongside a central distribution hub which consolidates transport and storage for various brands, helping to reduce the logistical impact further. When shipping from Spain and Turkey, we courier by road and ensure we consolidate shipments together for efficiency. Added to this, we have removed all single-use plastics from our packaging apart from rare occasions where a practical replacement doesn’t exist for specific circumstances. 

Future Focus

Looking ahead, we are committed to a future of continuous change and have set a target to be carbon neutral as a company by 2030 and to reach Net Zero by 2050. We understand as designers and creators of products, we must remain fully accountable and responsible to ensure we can minimise our footprint year on year. 

Working alongside The Green Consultancy, we are striving to refine our business model even further and will be beginning our B-Corp process soon. Through independent, third-party accreditations and certifications, which will be outlined within our glossary, we will be held accountable to maintain standards for both our people and the products we create. Repair and take-back schemes are also areas of focus for us in coming years to encourage circularity for our community post-purchase. We will also continue to give a minimum of 1% of all sales to support charities that give back to nature through conservation and regeneration alongside regular volunteering days which the team partake in. 

We pledge to constantly evolve and to remain open to new ideas and innovations which will assist us on our journey towards a greener future. Through our transparent approach, we look forward to sharing our progress with you. 

To find out more detailed information on the certifications we have mentioned, please access our glossary here and for further information on the materials we use, please see a detailed outline here. (ADD LINKS)

Hello, we’re The Pure Edit.

Relaxed home furnishings that are serious about the planet.

Considered at every step – from our natural and recycled materials to our carefully chosen partners and low-impact processes – our collection is shaped by our commitment to doing things properly.

We’re not perfect (we’re only human), but we are passionate. About our customers, our people, and our planet.

There is still work to be done and we strive to do better each and every year as we work hard towards our sustainability goals.

We hope you’ll join us on our journey…

Doing things properly

We want to help you create a home you love, but at the heart of our business is our commitment to minimising our impact on the planet we all call home.

This is our promise:

Sustainable: From source through to production and packaging, we choose materials with the lowest climate and environmental impact.

Mindful: Each element of our business is considered for its impact, from product miles through to production waste and energy use.

Supportive: We work closely with our employees, suppliers, and partners to share our values and targets, and encourage industry-wide change.

Uncompromising: In our environmental commitment, and in the quality, style, and price of our collection.

Transparent: We are open about the areas for improvement within our business. We are working on a plan for real, lasting change.

View our glossary

A pledge to the planet

Take sparingly and considerately and give back plentifully and often. In essence, it’s all about maintaining the balance.

No ifs or buts:

We will donate 1% of our annual revenue to social and environmental causes close to our heart and that of our customers.

We will achieve third-party certification for our social and environmental performance.

We are working hard to become carbon neutral as soon as practically possible, but no later than 2030.

As a business we are always evolving and will strive to make constant improvements to our products and processes. We openly welcome new ideas and innovations.

We value transparency and will adopt sector leading sustainability targets and share our progress annually.

Looking closer to home, as a British business we are always seeking out ways to support our local community. Our team takes regular volunteering days, giving back to social and environmental causes of their choice.

View our Sustainability Policy

Designs for a lifetime

Our timeless pieces are designed to spark joy in your home from one year to the next.

Mindfully made:

Our textiles are created from natural plant fibres such as recycled and Better Cotton, linen, and hemp. We use REPREVE certified yarn made from recycled plastic bottles, diverting them from landfills and oceans, and giving them a new, stylish purpose.

Sourced from sustainably managed forests ensuring ethical production, and carrying the Greenguard certification for low emissions, our wallpapers are printed to order by state-of-the-art latex printers using the safest water-based inks.

Created for lasting comfort, our furniture is completely foam-free, instead filled with an innovative blend of natural latex, coconut coir and fibres from recycled ocean plastic.

Non-toxic and low in VOCs, our water-based paints are child and pet friendly, mixed on our doorstep here in the UK.

We understand part of the joy in receiving something you love is how it arrives. You can enjoy unboxing your purchases knowing our packaging is virtually plastic-free, and that we’re working hard on the few bits that aren’t.

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